Visits: 348


  • Victoria Ross
    Visits: 51Killer drones and associated surveillance are a crime – immoral, illegal, and foolhardy. They must be banned for the good of all. When I attended the Fletcher School of[…]
  • The Interfaith Peace Network of WNY
    Visits: 56The Interfaith Peace Network of WNY is proud and honored to endorse the vitally important Ban Killer Drones Campaign. Weaponized surveillance drones terrorize whole communities by their very presence,[…]
  • The Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson, Executive Director – Fellowship of Reconciliation
    Visits: 58Since 1915, the Fellowship of Reconciliation has stood as a community of believers from all faiths and traditions in opposition to war and violence in all of its manifestations.[…]
  • Joy First
    Visits: 56I have been speaking out against killer drones since 2010 when I learned that they were going to be building an $8 million drone-training facility at Volk Field, a[…]
  • Bruce Gagnon – Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
    Visits: 64In the early days of the work of the Global Network we learned about drones (then called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Drones were an early signal that the Pentagon and[…]
  • Medea Benjamin
    Visits: 50In the last 20 years, we have watched the growing human suffering being generated by the atrocity of drone attacks and drone surveillance, a scrouge of assassination, mayhem and[…]
  • Leah Bolger
    Visits: 61I am frequently asked some variation of the question:  “How did you turn from a warrior to a peacenik?”  The answer is that my transition from career U.S. Naval[…]
  • Debra Sweet
    Visits: 123When the George W. Bush, then Commander in Chief of the year-old U.S. “war on terror,” authorized a Predator drone strike on a car in Yemen in November 2002,[…]
  • Ed Kinane and Ann Tiffany
    Visits: 99“Why We Persist” describes the grassroots campaign to ground the MQ9 Reaper drone operation at Hancock AFB, home of the New York National Guard’s 174th Attack Wing. Ed Kinane and his[…]
  • Chris Cole
    Visits: 65Over the past decade armed British Reaper drones, remotely controlled by RAF pilots at RAF Waddington or Creech Air Force Base, have launched hundreds of air strikes in Afghanistan,[…]
  • Maya Evans
    Visits: 62I’m seated in the police Zoom briefing with other council representatives for my small seaside town in England. Our Chief Inspector is telling us about the crisis we have[…]
  • Judy Bello
    Visits: 69I strongly endorse the movement to Ban Weaponized Drones.  I have been protesting drone warfare since 2010 when Predator drones were first flown from Hancock Air National Guard Base,[…]
  • Christine Schweitzer
    Visits: 53There are certainly good uses of drones, be it filming sports events or early warning against wood fires. But the military use of drones cannot be justified. This is[…]
  • Sally Jones
    Visits: 52The way war is being waged and will be waged in the future, if it is allowed to continue, has become a science fiction nightmare. As waged by the[…]
  • Phyllis Bennis
    Visits: 53Over the last several years there’s been talk – rising and falling and rising again – about “pulling out the troops” from places like Afghanistan, places where Washington’s post-9/11[…]
  • Ann Wright
    Visits: 65I was in the U.S. Army for 29 years and retired as a Colonel. The U.S. military loves to have names for its weapons.  Some names are propaganda for[…]
  • Jack Gilroy
    Visits: 139I remember well where I was on October 1, 201. I was handcuffed tighter than I had ever been, wiggling my fingers to keep my hands from going numb.[…]
  • Mairead Maguire
    Visits: 55Please accept my support for your international grassroots campaign for a global ban on weaponized drones and military and police drone surveillance.     In October 2012, Ann Patterson and I[…]
  • WESPAC Foundation
    Visits: 65WESPAC Foundation stands in solidarity with BanKillerDrones.org in calling for an international treaty banning weaponized drones and military and police drone surveillance. Israel routinely tests its military equipment, including[…]
  • United National Antiwar Coalition
    Visits: 59The United National Antiwar Coalition is a strong supporter of banning all weaponized and surveillance drones for military or police use.  These drones are a tool to wage war[…]
  • James Ricks
    Visits: 73Hello. I’m James Ricks, an anti-war/drone activist from Ithaca N Y. With so many logical, geo-political, anti-colonial, violation of international law based arguments brilliantly and comprehensively expressed, my basic,[…]
  • Jim Clune
    Visits: 55Firing a Hellfire missile at a wedding party or a funeral is an act of terror.  The US has committed these acts and others like them. Weaponized drones are terror[…]
  • World BEYOND War
    Visits: 54Our organization supports the ending of all wars and all war preparations. We’re in favor of recognizing the ban on war that exists in the United Nations Charter (with[…]
  • David Swanson
    Visits: 68A tool that allows a single, powerful individual to choose to blow up a house or a car or a picnic or a wedding party anywhere on earth is[…]
  • Brian Terrell
    Visits: 82The headline of The Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan on November 30, 2012, page one above the fold with my photo, read “Terrell: American Drone Strikes Must Stop.” I[…]
  • Kathy Kelly
    Visits: 85I endorse a total ban on development, storage, sale and use of weaponized and surveillance drones. The proliferation of weaponized drones threatens people throughout the world, making it easier[…]
  • Other Individual and Organizational Endorsers
    Visits: 55OTHER INDIVIDUAL ENDORSERS Professor Richard A. Falk, Professor Emeritus in International Law, Princeton University Maurice Carney, Executive Director, Friends of the Congo (US) Malachy Kilbride, Anti-war organizer (US) Max[…]