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Hello. I’m James Ricks, an anti-war/drone activist from Ithaca N Y.

With so many logical, geo-political, anti-colonial, violation of international law based arguments brilliantly and comprehensively expressed,

my basic, very basic motivation for being involved generally, but specifically with war,

and even more specifically with drone warfare, is initially far less complicated.

Do I comfortably stand with the abusers, or rightly stand with the abused?

Things get more complicated after that, but that’s my primary, my initial lens.

Am I the Empire or the resister?

Makes it really easy for me, at first. I read “Animal Farm”, watched “Alice in Wonderland, and “Star Wars”.  I’ve read a few other books to sharpen that perspective, “Doomsday Machine”, “Dirty Wars”, “Drone Wars” “The FBI and The Berrigans”, that were  also quite helpful.

I’ve been arrested for anti-drone protests somewhere between 5-7 times.

Went to jail 3 times, after trial.

Found guilty every time, save once, when a jury found us innocent.

Guilty of telling the truth, I guess.

I don’t like going to jail.

Truth being told though, this anti-drone experience  has broadened my perspective .

Hopeful, as I observe my allies, their creativity, generosity , and sacrifice in this David and Goliath clash.

Frightened, as I observe what they oppose.

A quagmire of geo-political colonization, resource acquisition, deception, military leverage and legislation for the masses that powerful insist be followed by all,

except themselves.

There’s more, but that’s enough.


James Ricks is a peace organizer, a poet and a councilperson on the Enfield, NY Town Board.In 2012, in he participated in a U.S. anti-drone war delegation to Pakistan, organized by CODEPINK. He is a member of Upstate(NY)Drone Action. His anti-drone war protests, and arrests, have been at Hancock Field, Air National Guard base, outside Syracuse, NY,home of the 174th Attack Wing drone control center

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