Judy Bello

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I strongly endorse the movement to Ban Weaponized Drones.  I have been protesting drone warfare since 2010 when Predator drones were first flown from Hancock Air National Guard Base, outside of Syracuse, NY.   We formed an organization at that time, which we called Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars.   I created a website for us, which I still administrate.  Upstate Drone Action tracks all of our actions at Hancock over the last 12 years.  For a long time, I also tracked drone news on the site, maintained an archive of documents related to drone warfare and a blog condemning drone warfare.  After a while it became more and more difficult to get this kind of information.

I am very happy to see that there is another site now that will be actively tracking drone warfare information.  I believe that the single most important reason that drones are not a big issue in this country is the fact that information about the US drone warfare is suppressed in the mainstream news and on social media.  We need to fight this kind of censorship and inform as many people as possible about the ever-expanding US drone force deployed in the Middle East, Southwest Asia and Africa to police and coerce the people there, mostly poor people in underdeveloped countries that do not have the resources to effectively defend themselves. Military drones are a weapon of convenience in countries with which the US is not technically at war, and which are no threat to the people of the United States at all.

Thanks for working on this project.

Judy Bello is a member Upstate Drone Action and United National Antiwar Coalition AC.

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