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by Vera Scroggins, from Youtube, July 22, 1923

President Joe Biden’s Hometown. Home of Scranton Army Ammunition Plant at 156 Cedar Ave., Scranton, Pa.. Several Peace Activists speak and Peace groups from several States attended.

Peace Groups include: Peace Action Pax Christi Bankillerdrones.org Fellowship of Reconciliation Muslim Peace Fellowship Catholic Worker Movement United War Coalition Worldbeyondwar.org Black Alliance for Peace Upstate Drone Action BCPeaceAction.org

Cluster Munition artillery shells made in this plant; 72 grenades inside a cluster shell. 14,000 artillery rounds made in a month and will be increased to 28,000 rounds a month. President Biden authorized the sending of these cluster bombs to Ukraine per Zelensky request.

More than 100 nations have banned cluster bombs!


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