Postcard Campaign

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Let United Nation General Secretary Antonio Guterres know that we need an international treaty banning killer drones, NOW.

Postcard campaigns have been extremely important in the successful campaigns to ban land mines and cluster bombs, and postcards are critical in achieving a ban on weaponized drones.

Please order these postcards and ask your family and friends to sign. 

We ask that you fill out the postcards for those who wish to sign to make sure that the information is legible, and that you mail the ones that are filled out to make sure that they get mailed.  And we ask that you send us the names, addresses and email addresses of those who sign the cards. Please send that via email to .

If for any reason you cannot afford the cost prescribed, we can still send you postcards for whatever you can donate or free-of-charge. Please let us know via email at .

ORDER 20 STAMPED POSTCARDS (for USA residents only)

We would appreciate your donation to cover the cost of printing and mailing, including the cost of stamps if you would like the postcards to be stamped. The cost of the cards is .15 cents each and postage for mailing to you will range from $1 to $5 dollars.  So, if you order 20 stamped postcards, the total cost would be: $21.


If you prefer to order other quantities and/or would like to use your own postage, please send us an email via indicating your specifications, then click the Donate button below to support our campaign.

  • How many postcards you need (minimum of 5)
  • Where do want them delivered (mailing address)
  • Whether you want them stamped or not (for USA residents only)

If you want us to send a postcard in your behalf, please click the Send My Postcard button below to give us your information: first name, last name, address, and email. While this is free of charge, we ask you to click the Donate button above help is in our campaign.

If you’d rather not participate directly in distributing and sending out postcards, you can still support our campaign with your donation by clicking the Donate button above.

We have found that the ‘Don’t Look Away’ flyer, linked below, is extremely helpful in educating the public and encouraging people to sign a postcard.