The Reaper UAV Is Getting Its Own Drone Swarm

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In 2009 I observed a graduate project where they were teaching small drones to operate as a swarm.  The were using little boxes on wheels, as the main focus of the project was to get the swarm to operate coordinate so they would act as one under many circumstances.  They had a long way to go.  Now we see this, and I would guess the kind of project I saw did not lead to major success. In this concept, they would use the Reaper as the leader, human intervention to support other appearances of social activity.  AI never seems to be all it’s cracked up to be.  [jb]

by Patrick Tucker, published on Defense One, March 6, 2023

The venerable Reaper UAV could become a mothership for a single-operator drone swarm, the head of Air Force Special Operations Command said recently. Continue reading “The Reaper UAV Is Getting Its Own Drone Swarm”