Declassified Documents Shed A Light on U.S. Drone Warfare in Pakistan

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by Burkely Hermann, published on Unredacted, July 20, 2023

On March 17th of this year, State Department spokesperson Ned Price was asked by Pakistani news media about unconfirmed reports of a U.S. drone strike in the Pakistani village of Zangara, within the South Waziristan region. Price, who has since resigned from his position, neither confirmed nor denied the strike, stating “we’ve seen reports that Pakistani security forces conducted counterterrorism operations in South Waziristan on March 15.  We refer you to the Government of Pakistan for any additional information.” To date, no new information has been released about the potential strike, but, if it were confirmed, it would be the first known U.S. strike in Pakistan since 2018Continue reading “Declassified Documents Shed A Light on U.S. Drone Warfare in Pakistan”