US, Allies Running Out of Weapons to Send Ukraine

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by Kyle Anzalone, published by the Libertarian Institute, July 18, 2023

Bottom line, their stashes are depleted (China should take some comfort here) and they have to purchase weapons for Ukraine. [jb]

The North Atlantic alliance is running so low on weapons it may be unable to keep supplying Kiev, according to CNN. A high-ranking British defense official said the predicament was created because NATO had no long-term plans for the war in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, CNN reported speaking with a defense official who claimed the US was approaching the point where it could no longer supply Ukraine with weapons. “There is a set level of munitions in US stockpiles around the world, essentially an emergency reserve, that the military is not willing to part ways with. The levels of those stockpiles are classified.” The outlet explained US officials believe “the US has been nearing that red line.” Continue reading “US, Allies Running Out of Weapons to Send Ukraine”