Spring 2023: Current and Upcoming Actions

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Nevada Desert Experience Sacred Walk (Video by John Amidon)

Protest at Creech Airforce Base in Nevada ….read on for discussion of upcoming protest at Holloman AFB outside Almagordo, New Mexico

3 Arrested at Creech AFB, Wednesday, April 5, 2023

For Immediate Release.  April 5 , 2023.

Nevada Desert Experience (NDE)

Contact: Brian Terrell (773) 853-1886

John Amidon (518) 312-6442

A group of  15  concerned citizens blocked the gate at Creech AFB, 7 am on Wednesday April 5, 2023, to bring attention to the illegal drone assassinations conducted by the Air Force,  and the CIA and possibly other governmental agencies at Creech.   Loranell Breyley, from Medina, Ohio,  a  retired 70 year old  Lutheran Pastor and Sylver Pondolfino, age 65  from Staten Island, NY and a member of  the Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Choir were arrested for blocking the roadway.  CJ Preston, age 24 from  Berkeley CA, was arrested for writing  the word drones on a stop sign which then read Stop Drones.  Currently they are being held at the Clark County Detention Center.

The announced special security procedures  by Creech AFB were not is evidence.

About the Walk

On Thursday the Sacred Peace Walk will continue  on to Mercury, Nevada on highway 95 to the Nevada National Security Site.  On Good Friday more nonviolent civil resistance is possible. The Nevada National Security Site, is the home of illegal nuclear waste shipments by the DOE, legally belonging to the Western Shoshone Nation and where more than a thousand atomic weapons have been detonated, making it the most bombed place on the planet.

Complete information may be found at http://nevadadesertexperience.org/spw [nevadadesertexperience.org]


Three great peace activists join us to discuss the upcoming protest at Holloman Air Force Base in April. Jim Wollgrmuth talks with Toby Blome, Colonel Ann Wright, and Ken Mayers  about drones, the dangers, and the damage to people on the ground and people at the control. They also discuss the international ramifications of drones and their uncontrolled spread. With all that, they are protesting at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and are encouraging people to come. There will be transportation, lodging, food, workshops, speakers, music, and yes non-violent direct action, specifics are a secret. www.shutdowndronewarfare.org

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