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The anti-war group BanKillerDrones.org, which emphasizes the inhumanity and escalatory danger of weaponized drones, begs U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres to call on all sides in the Ukraine War to immediately stop using weaponized drones of any kind in the interest of reducing the level of killing, maiming and terror and to contain the war, which is spreading rapidly. 

With the widespread press coverage of Russian attacks by weaponized drones against Ukrainian cities,” says a statement from BanKillerDrones, “the world is now seeing the suffering and terror that has been experienced by thousands of people across the Middle East, East Asia and Africa since the United States began using these weapons on the first day of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.”

We beg you, Secretary Guterres to seize this moment of public clarity, to demand a total halt to the use of weaponized drones in the Ukraine War and globally, where killer drones are being used by a number of nations to hunt and kill, notably of late, in Gaza, Ethiopia, Somali, Syria and Kurdish regions. This is the moment to stop the spreading scourge of slaughter and terror by weaponized drones,” BanKillerDrones says.

Killer drones are a particularly inhumane type of warfare with high error rates causing the deaths of civilians. Moreover, killer drones seek to desensitize us from war, make war seem ‘easier’ and thereby increase the chances of yet more wars. This is something we must never allow to happen.”

The drones being used in Ukraine that have received widespread press attention are so-called “kamikaze” drones, said to be produced in Iran. They are guided to their human and material targets by remote control, crashing into the target and exploding. The United States has been sending hundreds of smaller “kamikaze” drones to Ukraine forces since the Russian invasion in February of this year.

Unless there is an international ban on weaponized drones, says BanKillerDrones, we will see an acceleration of drone killing, citing as an example a recent report that the U.S. Army is considering creating “wolf packs” of “kamikaze” drones.  BreakingDefense.com

In addition, there are calls for the U.S. to provide Ukraine with Reaper and Grey Eagle drones that use Hellfire missiles and return to base to be reloaded for further attack missions. These are larger than the “kamikaze” drones now in wide and would give Ukraine a longer-range weapon capable of conducting assassinations and attack inside Russia.  Current Example from Washington Post

View Ban Killer Drones Statement and Postcard for your endorsement.


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